Show disk usage in descending order

If you need to find the amount of disk space being consumed in Linux/Unix, you can show it recursively through your directories as follows.

$ du -ks * | sort -gr
  11927760 Library
  7729280 Desktop
  5408572 Music
  99740 Pictures
  79668 zabbix
  74300 Documents
  1048 Sites
  856 Movies
  300 Applications
  228 macserv-snmpwalk.txt
  8 yo_zimbra_template.xml
  4 switch.cfg-snmpenabled.cfg
  4 switch.cfg
  4 support-Evault.txt
  4 Windows-Licenses.txt
  0 Public

This command will show the disk usage in reverse order, highest amount of space first starting from the present working directory.

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