Desktop shortcut to reset user passwords in Windows

Having users reset their passwords that connect via Remote Desktop from another Remote Desktop have a difficult time using the easiest method of resetting their password, CTL-ALT-END.  That method will bring up an option to change a password but it the option is only for the initial RDP connection no matter which desktop has focus.

I have found a VBScript that brings up the password change prompt on the machine it is run from.  In this example, I created a text file named PasswordReset.vbs with the following content.

Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
  • I have created this script and put it on c:\PasswordReset\PasswordReset.vbs
  • From there, I created a shortcut for PasswordReset.vbs and placed it in c:\Users\Public\Desktop so that all users have that desktop icon to reset their password.


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